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Viku shim


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Shimming is from all times. Basically: since there are DE's, there are shims. Some were done as we do now, we find our own stuff to put in our razors, some were professionally designed and marketed.
Such as the Viku Dauer-einlage, the "Lasting Inlay". Piece of (intentionally) pitted metal, intended to creater larger blade-gap, which, according to the cheering flyer, would lead to less clogging, more efficient shaves and longer lasting blades. Invest in this, and you'll lose less money, is what they promise. Even then: classic shaving will save money!
Invest in this, and you'll lose less money, is what they promise.

Yeah, yeah, nice advertising language, but I've already given up on that hope. :kaputtlachen1

It's quite unusual that even for something as insignificant as a shime, a factory has jumped in and manufactured a product for it.
I guess if it turns your Baili BR171 into a Wolfman WR1, then you'll really lose less money. :disco1
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I wonder if this thing will help with the Fendrihan razor I have. The razor is apparently very aggressive as it is. This will just morph it into a bigger monster than it already is...
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