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Sell Vintage Stuff (After Shaves, EdC, Soaps)

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Vintage After Shaves (1940-1980) and Shaving Soaps, Cremea.

Price suggestions are OK. Preisvorschläge sind OK

Alles ist einwandfrei erhalten und duftet immer noch Top. Nichts ist gekippt oder ist schlecht. Das Tabac, wo noch 20% drinnen sind, duftet noch 1a aber Öle haben sich abgesetzt. Wenn jemand etwas kauft und es haben möchte, lege ich es bei.
Alles lagerte Kühl und dunkel.

Everything is in perfect condition and still smells great. Nothing is tilted or bad. The tobacco, where 20% are still inside, still smells 1a but oils have settled. If someone buys something and wants it, I'll include it.
Everything was stored cool and dark.

Shipping AS, EDC and EdT only Europa. Soaps and Cremeas worlwide.

Germany 5,- Euro with DHL 2kg, EU = 14,- Euro with DHL max 2kg, UK = 17,- Euro max 2kg. World 22,- Euro DHL max 2kg. All tracked. All over 2 kg: Germany 6,- Euro, UK = 27,- Euro, EU = 16,- Euro

ProRaso After Shave 450ml + Shaving Cream + Pre/AS Balm: 45,- Euro

Henry M. Betrix STREET LIFE - Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml: 35,- Euro

Old Spice Shaving Stick + Refill: 65,- Euro

Proraso Shaving Stick: SOLD

Gillette AS Artic Ice ~95ml: 30,- Euro

Gillette AS Wild Rain ~95ml: 30,- Euro

Weleda AS 100ml: 15,- Euro

Hattric AS 100ml: 10,- Euro

T2 Set (AS 150ml, AS Balm 100ml, EdC 50ml): 45,- Euro

2x TARR Extra Herb 100ml Pfeilring: 30,- Euro each

TARR Dezent 50ml Pfeilring: 20,- Euro

TARR Dezent 30ml Tarsia: SOLD

LOT Electro Tonic, Pre Shave, Kaloderma 70ml, 3x Pitrell 40ml, Kaloderma 40ml, 2x Bleet 15ml: for all 50,- Euro

SIMI AS Stark 2x 56ml, 1x28ml: 56ml = 20,- Euro, 28ml = SOLD

Carava Tonic AS 56ml, 28ml: 56ml = 25,- Euro, 28ml = SOLD
Jade for Men AS 100ml + EdC 45ml: both = 50,- Euro

Cito AS 50ml, Blue Tonic AS 2x50ml, 1x30ml, Palmolive AS 30ml: Citro = 20,- Euro, each Blue Tonic 50ml = 25,- Euro, 30ml = 15, Euro. Palmolive AS = SOLD

Mouson Bambus EdC 60ml + ~15ml: both = 45,- Euro

Farina am Dom Köln Palisander AS 100ml: 30,- Euro

Farina am Dom Köln Tabac 20ml, Smell perfect but oily flakes: -

Farina Sascha Musk AS 100ml: 45,- Euro

Men's Classic Mülhens EdT 30ml: 35,- Euro

Johann Maria Farina Alter Markt AS 30ml: 40,- Euro

Feinstes Lavedel Wasser Kappus 40ml: 20,- Euro

Avon Rugger AS 100ml: 20,- Euro

Tabac Original Suggestion EdT ~30ml: 25,- Euro

Rodeo F. Wolff & Sohn, 40ml: 30,- Euro

Turbo Faberge 75ml: 40,- Euro

Gran Valor Mäurer & Wirtz ~70ml: 25,- Euro

Old Spice original from 1956 140ml: 70,- Euro

Old Spice Fresh Lime 150ml: 60,- Euro

Old Spice Burley AS 135ml + EdC 150ml: Set = 70,- Euro

4711 Troika Juchten ~40ml: 20,- Euro

Privileg (Est German) AS 100ml: 15,- Euro

Remington AS 100ml: 40,- Euro

Farina Gegenüber Russisch Leder 50ml AS, 100ml AS, 100ml AS+OVP, 175ml, EDC 50ml:
50ml AS = 40,- Euro, 100ml AS = 60,- Euro, 100ml AS OVP = 65,- Euro, 175ml AS = 85,- Euro, 50ml EdC = 50,- Euro

Gillette Caraibes AS 100ml: 50,- Euro

Halston Limited AS ~120ml: 150,- Euro

OVP Faberge Brut 33 AS 150ml + Crema Barb: 65,- Euro

OVP Faberge Brut 33 AS 100ml + Deo 150ml: 60,- Euro


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