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W&B round point renewal


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I finally got into the shop for a couple days and here is the result. I believe in "do no damage" but try to restore the item as close as possible to factory new. The original scales were trashed and I had to remove the rust from a couple of deep pits. I had to sleeve the pivot hole and since there was little hone wear I did a test hone and removed a couple little pits from the edge. The original grind marks are there and perhaps some later ones. I did pin with nickle-silver as I have had tighter pinning with those pins.
I have been experimenting with processes that were native to the 19th century. My polishing compound for the horn scales is "Bobbing" compound, a rottenstone/pumice in a tallow binder. The blade was done with Black Emery in a tallow binder.
W&B Extra Hollow Ground -horn scales- aluminum wedge- NiAg pinning with SS washers
This does not mean that I may "not" sometimes do a "bowling Ball" from time to time!!


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Wonderful, tasteful, classy and true :thumbup:

Richard you do do lovely work

Ralfson (Dr)