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Wacker Rasiermesser Manufaktur - Introduction

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Wacker Rasiermesser

Wacker produces traditional straight razors in Solingen/Germany. The company is a family business already in its fourth generation.

Our corporate philosophy is "quality as a principle". Therefore we do all different steps of the production-process of straight razors in the longstanding tradition. All handmade.

Since we are located in Solingen and everything is made there, all our straight razors have the seal of quality "Made in Solingen" on it.

The necessary sensitiveness of the grinder was trained over decades. This combined with a special hardening process is the guarantee for the well-known cutting edge, sharpness and functionality of our straight razors.

Ausgewähltes Büffelhorn und edle Hölzer bilden harmonische Komponenten und runden das Gesamtbild unserer Rasiermesser ab.

Since the company was founded by Karl Wacker, we make our straight razors on machines called "Hohlschleifmaschinen", which were designed specifically for straight razors. The two oldest of our machines are from 1920 and 1922.


Grinding of the "Wate" with the machine "Hohlschleifmaschine"


Erstellen der Hohlung (1. Vorschliff)


We regularly control the cutting edge and whether it is up to our personal quality standard
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