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Wacker Solingen


Blade Whisperer
I can’t believe it. One of the best existing Razor Makers of Solingen has not threat here up to now. This has to be changed.

Heribert Wacker is a fine old Gentlemen and IMHO the best still in charge grinding Master. Although his Father produced Straight Razor himself and owned the Trade Mark „Jungmeister“ (a Mark that is still in Use by Wacker and meaning „young master“) he send young Heribert to be trained as Razor grinder by Dorten & Co (Dorko). Now Mr Wacker sen. still trained his son Johannes who does also very well. For more information this ist the web-side of Wacker and here are some videos Dirk made when he visited Wacker (for the time being only in German)

So, but that was only for introduction of my recently acquired 1/4 hollow. I was looking for this razor longer than for the Stosser „wedge“. Both were introduced as a double set around 2009 and sold out very fast. However, this one use not treaded very well from his pre owners but after cleaning, polishing and honing it does not look to bad an shaves even better. Although marked as quarter hollow one hast to bear in mind that usually you get one quarter less from Wacker than usual. So, no Wonder that this one is half hollow as the „Kailschliff“ = wedge Stosser is a quarter Hollow razor. However, all my Wacker shave excellent.

Mr Wacker went through his cellar for me. At the end he came up with two old blades.

Firstly the long lost „1/4-hohl“ (meaning qarter hollow ground but definitely is half-hollow grounded) from the old „Doble-Set“ that was sold around 12 Years ago together with the „Stosser“. Secondly an old quarter hollow grounder „Jungmeister“. Both in 6/8“. The last picture shows the different grinding. Left the „Jungmeister“. My (first) Wacker-7 days Set is complete. ;)