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Wade & Butcher shortened blade


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Recently e-bay acquisiton did not pass so well. There was just one photo of the blade and I decide to "gamble" if we can call it "gambling" for 8 USD with shipping cost. When razor arrived I saw that blade is shortened for almost 30%. In any case I decide to do modification and to keep this one for myself. Final rasult after polishing, making new set of shorter scales from Cocobolo and honing is visible down. In any case this razor will find it's place in my collection.







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Very nice blade,
Would you describe it as a faux frameback?
Short blade, long blade, who cares.
Very nice, lovely scales, what did you use for wedge?
How does she shave?



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Deckard said:
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Yes, in one hand I can call it faux frameback, wedge is lead one from original "long" scales (just cleaned). As for shaving matter I can say that is very well/average shaver. This is my first W&B and I do not see some huge difference between this one and some of my other average razors. In that case I do not understand why W&Bs are on pricey side on e-bay and not only collectors items but in general.


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king said:
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I'm afraid that a lot of the appeal of this brand lies in their big blades (but they're not unique there, and not all of them are big) and their name - who wouldn't want a razor from a brand that carries "Butcher" in its name :-/

That being said, I have one big one as well, and it's a very good shaver indeed;