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Week 37 Setup


Well-Known Member
Razor: Timeless Ti 0.95 OC
Blade: Hema Blade
Pre-Shave: Proraso Pre
Soap: KEPKINH Anise & Cedrus
Brush: AP Shave CO 24mm Cashmere Jet Black handle
Aftershave: Physalis Hamameliswater
Aftershave: Hema Fresh Eau de Cologne
Aftershave: Speick Men Aftershave Balm Sensitiv
EDT: Speick (This will maybe empty before end of the week)
Comming week setup from Monday to Sunday

The blade is the only changing factor if this blade doesn't work in the Timeless i will switch over to Gillette Platinum.
Had to change from EDT because it's empty and no spare available. The Hema blade is performing better then expected.