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Well-loved blades which disappointed you


There are some blades that seems to be loved by a lot of people. For example Polsilvers, Voskhod's or Astra's.
I have two examples of blades that are widely loved by a lot of people, but which disappointed me:

> The Kai: actualy this is the worst blade I have ever used. I still I am so stubborn to retry it sometimes to see if it was'nt bad technique or so. But it never satisfied me. This blade feels for me very rough and uncomfortable.
> The Polsilver: not very bad, but this blade has nothing special for me. The sharpness and smoothness is for me not above average. I will not buy them again if I will finish my stock of 100 blades.

Which of the well-loved blades disappointed you and why?


Well-Known Member
Most of them, some are really dissapointing, others are just not near the top for me.

but kai was one of those I really disliked until recently I got a pack from someone and they performed very well :confused:

Polsilvers? Do I like them? Last time I checked there number was in the 4 digit range :)

The King

Well-Known Member
The acclaimed Voskhod razor blades don't appeal to me very much and I also found the Kai blades very disappointing.

There is also a category of blades from the middle segment that are no longer eligible for purchase after getting acquainted with top blades like the Gillettes Rubie, Nacet, Perma Sharp and Super Platinum Indian Black.
These are for example blades from the Lord stable such as Big Ben and Rainbow and the Gillettes Super Stainless and the yellow Sharp Edge.

Also the Ladas, Sputnik, Bolzano's, Sharks, etc. can't charm me at all.


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Feather blades are very harsh on my face even with a Gillette Tech razor.
I also never got along with the Gillette Silver Blue. I know many really like them, but for the life of me I can’t seem to get a good shave out of them...
I really like Wizamet IS and Gillette Nacet.


Well-Known Member
I bought several thousand about 10 years ago and they are excellent.