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What about shipping?


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Hello, and welcome to all of you.

It is really great to have such a selection of those sweet Coticules and tested, too - however, what about shipping costs? At the Ardennes they charge a ridiculuous worldwide €15 price - what about buying here? Do you just drop an email to Bart or what?
Ahh, I've read carefully Bart's note on prices - so it's still Ardennes that will ship the stones charging their darn €15, right? :confused: :mad:

That's too bad, then unless you buy several stones for further trading or buy a really pricey stone, you add a pretty significant part for shipping... :(
Yeah, but these stones are ridiculously low priced since they are bouts, and are not that perfectly homogeneous select grade coticule. I got number 7, and including the 15 euro shipping it is still $20-30 cheaper than buying a perfectly rectangular select grade coticule from the US.

It's really the conversion rate that gets you, since the Euro is worth so much. 15 isn't bad for shipping a rock halfway across the world in a matter of days.
I just got mine i'm well impressed and they are very cheap i paid twice that price just because they say select or kosher one guy i brought select 8x3 from said not the lesser standard type this one i have i think it is standard bout it blows my select away.
Well, yes indeed, they are still relatively cheap, that's true. However, you're missing my point - if you have limited budget and want to stay in, say, 50€ limit, then shipping is around 30%, that sucks big... :(

Plus - it may be an attractive price for shipping halfway across the globe, but being in EU, it is not that attractive anymore.

OK, that should be it, I have my initial question answered after all, thanks.
I got mine deliverd yesterday and on my box it is stamped 14.20 euros so that is the price he has had to pay so he's not making any thing on postage i went to spain this year i carn't believe how much drinks and food was i think this is due to the euro.
It's the weight that really adds to the shipping. Even shipping within the U.S. about halfway across the country, with 1-2 kilos will come in around 15 USD. So it
isn't the distance so much as the weight.

I paid 53 euros total for mine. Just up your budget by 3 euros. I think it's a very reasonable price for one stone that can do it all. Just look at it as a 53 euro
stone with free shipping, if that helps. :lol: