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What is your ideal combination of safety razor and razor blade?

The King

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Let's make it clear once again that every part of the shaving equipment we use every day is subject to personal opinion or the well-known YMMV.

That's what makes it so much fun to ask about everyone's ideal combination of safety razor and associated razor blade, because the answers and given motivations will be very different.

My ideal combination is the Paradigm 17-4 with a Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus. The mildness of the safety razor and the razor blade provide a so comfortable skin feeling that you really after the first retrieve amazed state and just have to check whether there is a razor blade in the safety razor is placed.
The efficiency is extremely high so after the shave you are as smooth as but can be without any kind of irritation to have incurred.

And so there is something to say for any combination see for example my IKon 102 slant which is in my opinion the ideal wedding candidate for a Feather blade so wonderfully smooth shaves this combination.
Where normally a Feather can sometimes lead to irritation he is in the iKon your tame friend.

So I wonder what for you the ultimate shaving combination is? :confused
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An interesting question Hans!
For me the Timeless 0,95 Smooth combined with a Big Ben Super Stainless is the best combination I shaved with. The Big Ben is a blade that I aquired recently. It is a very Smooth but efficient blade in combination with the Timeless.

I use DE blades more than a year now. It is still not easy to define a favorite blade. There are aproxemately 7 blades which I like a lot.

The King

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I was already talking about YMMV but a Feather in an R41 is in my opinion "let's say it carefully" an exciting combination.
Never before applied because I have always assumed that this combination will be too aggressive for me.
But now that I've read it, I'm going to have to give it a try.

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How beautiful that YMMV because the Sputnik razor blade never charmed me.

The King

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The great thing about reading on this forum is that you get to see some unexpected tips.

So wrote @maranatha that his favorite shaving combination is a Mühle R41-2013 with a Feather razor blade.
Until this morning I had absolutely no thought of this because the R41 I do not immediately find the most comfortable high efficient safety razor.

A Feather blade may I like to use (especially in the iKon 102 slant) but is of course not the most mild blade that is available and to combine just those two never seemed advisable to me.

But this morning I tried this combination out of curiosity and what outlines my surprise it works wonderfully well.

Even with this Feather blade the R41 feels a bit milder and glides a bit smoother on the skin and the efficiency so everyone will understand is more than excellent.

The combination thus requires some attention the first time and it remains important to prevent pressure on the skin.

As I can remember, this was one of my best shaves with the Mühle R41-2013.


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So you can see what coincidences are able to cause. Even with me, the combination R41/Feather was not in the spotlight to get a great shave. But in the course of trying out different blades in the R41, it was time for the feather to go. And the result was so unexpectedly excellent for my conditions that for a long time, for almost a quarter of a year, I only shaved daily with this combination.


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But bear in mind that there are 3 (4 depending on how you count) different models of the Mühle R41. Some are more agressive than others. So this might also lead to different results once combined with the feather blade.

Unfortunately, Mühle does not mark the different models of the R41. So you have to compare carefully with images.:menno1

Why make life too easy, if it can not be done more complicated? :flucht1

The King

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You are absolutely right, I myself have the 2009 and 2013 version.

The 2009 version is a (real) open comb safety razor and shaves very mildly and can be compared to the current Merkur 25C.

Harkos has the R41 in the 2011 version and I have been able to borrow it from him several times.
This is really an extremely aggressive safety razor where the 2013 makes a very tame impression.
I have been able to shave with the 2011 but this is constantly navigating at the sharpest of the cut and is almost never pleasant.
And no matter how careful I was, there was always some irritation.

In terms of appearance, the 2011 and 2013 look together where only the much narrower top plate of the 2011 stands out.