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What layer?


I have 2 coticules and 1 BBW. How can I find out what layer it's from?

Here's the first coticule. It's glued to slate and has a uniform color.



This is the BBW:




Here's the second coticule that I'm considering to buy:


The first coticule and BBW were bought from Ardennes coticules about 6 months ago. The other coticule is second hand.


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Could you post a side view of the first Coticule? With only a view of the surface, it's nearly impossible to recognize a layer.

BBWs do come in layers as well, but except for one or two, they have no names. The name of the adjacent Coticule layer is in most literature used to designate particular BBW layers, i.e. the BBW ghat belongs to La Grise, or the BBW that belongs to La Nouvelle Veine, etc. The problem is that become impossible to discern, once they are cut and all mixed together. Unless there is still a Coticule connected to a BBW, as is the case with the natural combo hones, there is no way of knowing the descent of a BBW. Some BBWs have pink spots, some have purplish streaks, etc. Perhaps something can be told out of these visual properties, but it will require long painstaking research before we could arrive at a meaningful determination table. That's a long explanation to tell you that there is nothing further to say about your BBW, other than that it looks like a BBW.:rolleyes:

The smallish Coticule looks unlike anything I've ever seen. Based on the side view, it could be a Les Latneuses, but if it doesn't.t come from the Ol'Preu quarry (the deposit exploited by Ardennes), then it also might come from any currently uncharted layer.

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I'm buying this stone from another forum member at the Dutch knife forums. He just emailed me saying it was a piece of La dressante? It's a rather big stone 12cm by 7cm and 1kg heavy.

Here are some more pics of the first coticule. It's glued to slate. I emailed Maurice to ask if he still knows what layer it was.








Maurice just emailed me that the small first coticule is a piece of La Dressante and the big one is a 70 year old Les latneuses.

Sounds like I got a good deal here.