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What next


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I recently acquired a Miller wedge. I want to do the minimum I need to get a reasonable looking razor I can shave with. I haven't descaled it although that would make it easier to work on the blade but you can see ( with a loupe) the individual hammer marks on the pins when it was assembled 150+ years ago. There was some pitting which I have lightly cleaned up, the marks on the blade appear to me to be the original grind marks,I have used a bit of metal polish for a general clean up including the scales. I was told they were horn but could they be tortoise shell?. There doesn't appear to be any hone marks on the spine although I think that was not unusual as they were sharpened freehand, the blade has a curved nose, is that normal or just poor sharpening over the years. My dilemma is what to do next any advice welcome.

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Hi Titan,

This razor looks just great, I wouldn't do anything to it at this point. The only thing is you could give the scales a good soak in neatsfoot oil and then polish it a bit more - but as I said, that doesn't even seem to be necessary.
I'm not sure but I think those scales are ramshorn.



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File some flowers into the spine and put on some nice pink scales with LED illumination ...:blink:
Seriously, that's a damn fine old old razor just as it is. Get yor hones, nothing more!



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Thanks for the replies, that was my intended plan, this being my first really old razor I just thought I would ask for some other peoples thoughts first.


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I love my razors of that age and they shave me well with nothing but cleaning and honing done to them!


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The razor is perfect...
Some may complain that it appears to have a turned up point as a result of excessive sharpening at the point... that may or may not be true.

Some may also say it's been reground... and if that's true then it was re-ground by a long dead professional with the right tools and experience in the manufacture of razors (notice the concave appears to be true from edge to spine so it should have small bevels when ready for shaving).

One thing I can tell you form my "limited" experience... all other things equal... the shave with such a curved blade will be excellent.

Hone up that blade and give her a go.