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What pre-shave went out today?

The King

Well-Known Member
The potty with Prep pre-shave went up today, luckily we still have a full pot in the house so it has been refilled.

There is a nice story behind this pot and the attentive reader has of course already seen that the appearance of the product sticker is quite different.

I had written several times on the Dutch forum that I regret that the Prep shaving soap in the blue pot is no longer available.

A forum member had saved this and sent me a mail a while ago that he could buy the shaving soap in the blue pot again in ..........South Africa.

I was excited and asked him to send me a couple of jars and so it happened.
When I received the pots I had to swallow a little disappointment because it wasn't the shaving soap but the prep cream.

After that I immediately got a big smile on my face because the Prep cream is after all my favorite pre-shave.

The difference between this South African cream and the Dutch one is that it has a slightly sharper scent but for the rest it is (fortunately) the same.
My jar of Proraso Pre shave is finished today. It took some time to empry it because it's not the only pre shave what i use. Prep is about the same and i use that to. The menthol kick is very nice but it;s not really strong and lasting.