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What's green and purple and 9.5" long?


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If you guessed that it was my new La Verte glued combo, give yourself a pat on the back.:thumbup:

I've always liked long, narrow hones, and I've been waiting for Jarrod to get one that I could afford. This bout came up for sale recently - for a very reasonable amount, and I snagged it.





It's pretty obviously a La Verte, and is significantly harder than my other La Verte (pictured below). I love the dimensions: 9.5" x 13/16" x 4/8" - BBW layer is about 5/8" thick. The BBW has some nice pink spots and I look forward to trying it out

I like to have some narrow hones around to help with honing all the old smiley Sheffield blades I have. I've already honed a very smiley Wostenholm Frameback on it, and it was so easy to hone it. Love it!!:w00t:

It's also soooooo beautiful!



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He got it from Jarrod, at The Superior Shave I presume, which means it would have come from Ardennes, right?


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yohannrjm said:
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Paul said:
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I read it as being ambiguous. His second sentence does not necessarily imply that it was up for sale at The Superior Shave or bought from Jarrod.

My question was because it is a glued combo. Unless something has changed very recently, I do not think that Ardennes makes glued combination stones (except for the cotcarb).


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Jared -

It was from TSS. Jarrod had it up for a very nice price, and I couldn't pass it up. You're right in that this is the first glued combo I've seen from him (and, by extension, Ardennes). I'm pretty certain they used to offer glued combos, so maybe this was left over from a while ago.


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I believe Ardennes still glues to BBW, upon special request.
It's also possible that it was a natural combo they had to reglue when it separated during production.
Jarrod might know more.

It's a lovely stone.:thumbup:

Kind regards,


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Handsome stone, Johann.

I'm jealous that you can keep the blade flat on so narrow a stone. Hope it gives lots of fine edges.


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I've always liked narrow hones, and so I had to adapt my technique to be able to keep the blade flat on them.

I have a small Thuringian that's also this narrow, and a small Charnley that's amazingly fine and narrow (I had others, but have passed them on). I like employing long strokes, so the added length is nice to have.

Like everything else, it comes with practice. :)