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White strop paste.


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Hello friends,
I have an old original Illinois #127 strop that has a well used white pasted linen component. It raises the HHT. Is it considered a honing strop? And, Would I get the same results from another, similar, linen component with Dovo white paste from the tube? THe components look like "fire hose."


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Until recently I used dovo white paste on my linen strops, and favoured it too, however since using my Scrupleworks and TM ones I have done away with the paste, and my HHT is still improved by around 1 mark, I came to the conclusion that the white paste (Dovo being the only one I have tried) improved the feel of some cloth, but had next to no abrasive quality, we discussed it somewhere here, and others seem to have found the same.

Ralfson (Dr)


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dovo white paste , i have to agree, in my opinion, it has no abrasive ness, and did'nt offer any improvemant. Ti white rasoir paste, now thats a different story, as that is a sharpening paste that works every time on a linen strop or cotton. Its not every day paste, its used for after honing or quik touch ups.



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Thanks guys,
I did wonder as some folks are really anal about not using pasted strops. I found an antique white (pipe clay) Nurses shoe polish that has helped an old strop and gave it some suppleness, after washing it. I shall try the Dovo White on another very stiff washed linen strop.
Thanks Folks!


Iwasaki states in his barber's manual that "Linen has even more polishing power than the leather strop, so its role stands between the hone and leather. An edge that won't shave well after stropping on leather can often be restored to shaving
keenness by stropping on linen."

I agree with garyhaywood, white paste offers little to no added keenness.