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who has the smallest


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I am currently in the throws of moving house so everything has to be packed away
I have kept back the bare essentials of course this includes my second coti that i bought to
cut up for slurry stones but it arrived with its own stone
I am currently using it very successfully to hone with to the point that i may stick with it for some time yet
It is at longest 3 ins and widest 1.5 ins

Is this the smallest being used
ps this proves to me its all about knowing the stone and technique
I have one of 200mm x 18 mm. 3th grade Coticule (that's below standard grade). It looks narrow, ugly and cracked. But works like a charm.:)

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I have a 4" x 5/8" bout that I have used. Works pretty good, but wow when holding it in your hand, do you have to go slow and watch where that edge is going.

I thought the 3.5x1.5 was too small till I tried it, and it's very convenient to do my mandatory 100 laps. Easier than a bench hone, Very much the travel hone. :)
Well I have 13.5 cm long and 2 cm/4,5 cm wide standard grade coticule/BBW combo. It is small, but I do get sharp razors out of it. Although I admit, larger would be more convenient.
My combo slurry stone about 9cm by 1.5cm and I have used it to sharpen real problems blades with great success, however I much prefer my full sized and beloved #10, you really can go at it and not have to worry about perfect balance, cutting the ends off your fingers etc etc