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Wholly Kaw


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Recently when the cold weather finally ended and I no longer had to shovel snow off my driveway, I decided to celebrate by cheating a little on my self imposed soap restraint. After all, my last soap purchase was a batch of CBL soaps of which most was sent to @efsk and @The King. The one I kept was the Balsamic Oud and so I thought that getting the Wholly Kaw King of Oud would be a good comparison. Previously I had picked up both Grooming Dept Maleki and Incense& Oud, both of which had a strong oud scent. So I wanted to see if the King of Oud was truly worth it's title.

Many reviewers had mentioned that the scent of this soap was very strong and got stronger once lathered. I did find the scent very complex with many different layers, but oud did not come out very high on the list. I also did not find the scent to be a strong one, but a little more of a subtle type.

Lathering was very easy. The brush did require more water to begin with, but a thick and rich lather was built quickly. Unlike many other soaps I have tried recently, this is not a thirsty soap and just by adding a few drops of water too much, the soap can go from thick and rich to thin and airy. Tonight I used a synthetic brush and so I will try with a silvertip badger and a boar a little later.

The lather was very slick and provided a good cushion. I was especially impressed by the fact that I could do quite an extensive dry touch up after my second pass. This particular Wholly Kaw soap had many things which it claimed to have beneficial effects on your skin and there might be some truth to it because my face felt exceptionally good after the shave. then again, for a $25 tub of soap, maybe my mind just imagined that it did. Still, while my other oud soaps had better scents, and lathered better, this Wholly Kaw made up for it with it's performance and face feel.
One of my favorite scents is the Wholly Kaw Cuero Oscuro. It has a very pungent scent, like a motorcycleshop combined with a saddlemakers shop. Ammoniaklike leathergrease, a pair off well-maintained, often greased boots, very masculine and appealing. Combine this with the excellent qualities of the lather and postshavefeel and this soap is an absolute winner.
Only drawback for me is: I shave in the evening. When I use this soap I not only smell like it when I go to bed, I;ll probably still smell like it when I wake up. Therefore it only gets used with moningshaves.