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Wilkinson Razors


Absurd hero
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Author: Robert Wilkinson Latham
Subject: Wardonia Razors and Blades
Pages: 206
Edition: First edition (?)
Date: 2004
Colors: Yes
Price at printing: unknown

A member of the Wilkinson family decided to share knowledge on Wilkinson razors. with the world. Marvelously informative on all the different models and sets SE. Very much less so on their series of cartridge razors, although some info on those is in here.
Most pics and pages are B&W, but at the end is a section of 24 pages of colour plates. Colour as the author is a Brit :)

A very interesting-looking book.
I just got more interested in Wilkinson razors again.
(I have far too many than I can use and just started getting some blades - you can't go to a car boot sale in the UK without finding one behind two Rolls razors)
(and unlike the Rolls razors - which are actually coooool :weihnachtsmann_grins and hence always overpriced - you can get the Wilkies dirt cheap)
My issue with the Wilkies (and Autostrops) is that they are an over-engineered solution to a simple problem.
I'm not sure I really want to enter this rabbit hole. Just now.
I'm not sure I really want to enter this rabbit hole. Just now.

Too late buddy, you just attracted my attention here. I like engineering, wait for my HR-P2, home made, but in 20 years it will be the real thing and I might even have you defending it to death.

Wilkinson and Auto Strop have a variety of heads each and each iteration was either for workflow efficiency or cost engineering or both.
They lost because the competition standardized the workflow to a minimum. Cheap disposable high quality blades with cheaper simpler head design made both of them costly and cumbersome.

They made incremental improvements in minimizing the amount of metal, standardized boxes and modified the strops and the stropping mechanisms to stay afloat.
Both of them had the best presentations ever.

But as collectors they make a nice sub collections like the Kampfe's and Gem's/ASR.
Once I complete my Kampfe heads, I'll move to Auto Strop and Wilkinson.