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Reserved - Payment pending Winter clean up of the den part 1

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Far too much stuff so for sale (prices are shipping not included (€5 for Belgium, €8 for other European country's, pickup at nearest point or €10 if you want it delivered to your address, tracking is always included)

2 Tibam New York handles (90mm SS) €25 for one (I payed €50 for one) Now if you take the two only €40


Stork Anaconda SS handle €60 now €55 (these go for $120+ on eBay)


Stork Gradient SS handle €60 now €55 (these go for $120+ on eBay)


3 synthetic brushes + 2 for free (Muhle 23mm synthetic & Hans Baier Rijn Das) €35 all in one sale
Yaqi White Handle Black Fibre 30mm
Yaqi Motherlode Ruby 26mm
APShave Co SilkSmoke Red Ripple Handle 24mm SOLD

Mitchell's Wool Fat soap, used once, comes in a ceramic bowl from Baume. €5 SOLD

Gillette Rubie Plus 85 blades €10

Personna lab blue 885 blades €15 for a box of 100 or €100 for the lot.



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