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Reserved - Payment pending Winter clean up of the den part 2

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Far too much stuff so for sale (prices are shipping not included (€5 for Belgium, €8 for other European country's, pickup at nearest point or €10 if you want it delivered to your address, tracking is always included)

Blackland Blackbird SB in original packaging with all 3 handles that where ever produced for this razor
Blackland Blackbird - 70mm - 50gr
Blackland Blackbird - 85mm - 60gr
Blackland Blackbird - 101mm - 70gr

Paid 285 euro, now 140 euro



Can be used with half DE safety blades and the different long blades.
I'll include a handful of DE blades along with a box of Tondeo and Dovo blades. And 500 long Jishi blades (they are really good), those can be broken in half so you have 1000 blades, enough for a lifetime.
Comes also with 5 insets for the blades €80 now €70


A - 1.jpg

gentle shaver Giesen und Forsthoff gold unused (new €53) €39 (free Haslinger soap included) now €30




Gillette Tech '63 in really great condition €8 now €5

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