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wire edge


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I've never got a result that could be called a "wire edge" with a Coticule.

What triggers your question?

Kind regards,


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Is a wire edge another way of describing a burr - i.e. the edge of the blade 'folding over', creating a kind of lip? If this is the case, you will be able to tell by moving a nail from the spine to the edge and straight off it. If there is a burr/wire edge, the nail will catch on it. It should only happen on one side - so you gotta try on both sides of the blade.

Ive never experienced it with my coticule.....and im pretty sure ive unnecessarily overdone it on heavy slurry before!


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I sometimes get wire edges on higer grit syntehtics. I wouldn't call it the same as a bur on a knife. It also doesn't usually happen along the whole edge for me. With a TPT it tickles the thumb. I guess it is like a fine fin that sticks up in jagged areas on the blade? Thats the best I can do.


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Though it’s highly unlikely to get a wire edge from a Coticule I can happen… or I should say… you may call it a wire edge but it is most likely a burred edge, this happen if the steel in the blade is hard and tend to micro-chip so much that you may suspect a wire.

I am “cutting” against the general consensus here... so here goes.

The best test is to do the TNT… Yes… although you are at the “edge polishing” stage… the TNT is not such a bad thing… and may in fact reveal the condition of the steel at the edge… (I believe if an edge cannot survive a trip through the nail... then why bother). A good blade should pass the test and should only need a few strokes on the hone to get back the keen if you suspect the test has dulled the edge… so far so good however…

If the steel it’s too hard, sometimes you will feel “crinkling” sensation as the edge passes over your nail (like metal scraping against metal), if that’s the case then it's the "worst case"... you had best not waste your time with it because if you do manage to get it shave ready, the resulting shave may not get a good one, certainly not if you have a hard beard, but you may get lucky if you have a soft beard.

Hope this helps.