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Wishlist straight razors


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In this thread there is a wishlist for safety razors. I notice that my preferences are with straight razors.

What do I wish?
I wish to have any moment a Carbon steel 7/8” half or quarter hollow. Just want to know how it shaves.
And when I feel greedy there is this need for
Koraat #14 2.0
7 day set 7/8” ( and what Will not happen a custom 7 day set from Koraat with different blades and in some other way consisting)

Must say: this spring I got a wonderfull offer with a Schulze 7-day set and I declined.....

What are your wishes?
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@Onno, you may borrow one of my 41 1/4 Abr. Knyn For A few days if you wish
The smallest of the 4 I have is 23,5 mm wide the rest are nearer to A full inch or over.
It’s pre 1900 Carbonsteel, the best there is.



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Wait until sometime in 2020. Maybe there will be some suprises like a Koraat special edition straight razor for Shavinguniverse? :flucht1

Would you like that idea?

(Ulrik registered himself this morning already at SU)



As soon as we know the details we will publish all necessary information. Originally this was planned only for our German sister site "FdR", but if there is enough demand also here, we might also offer a special edition with some kind of logo of SU on it.

My guess is earliest after March 2020. But it is only a rough guess. Other projects have to be finished first.

We do have very good relationships with almost all straight razors companies in Germany. We do regularly special editions for our forums. So also names like Aust, Wacker etc. will pop up.

And we will offer hopefully soon also test samples from Dovo-Merkur for safety razors and straight razors. But this might be more interesting for beginners.

Just stay tuned. You will be surprised what we will do over the 12 months here. If SU is growing fast and as long as there is enought demand for it from its members, we will try to make it happen, whatever it is. :daumenhoch