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Last week I received as part of a trade, a Wolfman WR1 .61 OC razor head. I believe that the original RR Lupo was cloned from the WR1 .61 as it's shave characteristics was on the mild side, but still efficient if you took your time. Assuming that the blade gap of the Lupo was .61, I thought that perhaps an open comb would make it more efficient. Tonight I tried out the WR1 head.

Comparing it with the DLC Lupo, I found that the design was similar, but slightly different. The Lupo had curved sides that fully covered the blade, while the WR1 sides are straight and allow the blade tabs to stick out. Also, the blade guides are slightly different in shape and so the head parts are not interchangeable. I did notice that the cap of the original aluminum Lupo does fit the base plate of the WR1.

Workmanship of the WR1 is totally top notch as one would expect from Wolfman. I took pics comparing the WR1 with the DLC Lupo. The handle for the WR1 is an aftermarket titanium handle from a Russian eBay seller as I could not afford a real Wolfman handle.



The shave went well and was more efficient than the DLC Lupo while maintaining it's mild characteristics. This was a definite improvement over the Lupo and put the shave closer to that of the Mamba 70, but still not quite as efficient.