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Would like to show something...


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I would like to share this picture. It shows three items:

A fragment of Coticule that I peeled of a rock at Ardennes' quarry during this last weekend.
About half a day later, my friends who joined the Coticule Pilgrimage, gave me the most beautiful shaving bowl I've ever seen, as a token of their appreciation for organizing this weekend. Urmas, who could not even make it to the Pilgrimage himself, was the thrusting force behind this wonderful present, that deeply touches me.

I have no additional information about this bowl (it's a shuttle, actually, and an incredibly efficient one, I might add), other than that on the bottom it says:
I find it striking how Coticulesque the piece is, as can be seen when compared to my raw rock fragment.

Yesterday, I found a delayed package on my desk, containing the third item that can be seen on the picture: a stunning shaving brush with my preferred knot size, build by our own Ralfson. I am glad the parcel didn't make it in time for opening it during the weekend. I was already shook up enough by being offered that amazing bowl. The brush would have surely moved me to tears.

I don't know what to say, other than it is all beautiful, heartwarming, and way too much. Running and maintaining this website has proved to be rewarding on a daily basis. Organizing the Coticule weekend was a pleasure and an honor, and not something that required any further appreciation than the presence of the enthusiastic bunch that joined in from all over Europe. As happy as I am with the pictured items, they cannot replace the joy of spending a small part of my life with all of you, members of

Thanks to all of you and especially to the ones who conspired to give me this precious present.


I believe I speak for all of us when I say, its the least we could do

I for one could not think of a more deserving recipient

Thank you, for being you.

Best Wishes
Warm Lather
Soft Brushing (well a little scrubby, but thats not a bad thing ....hahaha)

Your friend
Ralfson (Dr)
What a nice bunch of guys you all are!
And what a nice looking scuttle and brush.

"Cheers!" to a fantastic place!
Hey Bart,

Things are simple... actually...
Without you we would not have and this pleasant community and also unicot and dilucot honing methods.
So we owe you a lot more respect than we have opportunities to express it.

I wish you a lot of energy and all the best things! :thumbup:

Thank you,