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Wuttig Apparatebau (Laufenburg, Baden)


Blade Whisperer
Whether Wuttig Apparatebau from Laufenburg in Baden also built other razors than this one, is unkonwn to me. This one is a two-piece open comb, which also consists of aluminum and whose surface is greenish anodized. Altogether the razor is very light due to the material, but also of high quality.

After I had received it and it smiled at me in his green-golden robe, I asked myself: "I shall, I shall not". I just risked it, first with a Personna Platinum and later with Sputnik, Perma-Sharp, ASP and Ladas. It shaves very directly with all the blades tested. The Wuttig shaves about as directly as the R41 (v3) and is at least as thorough. However, I find the Wuttig to be more predictable than the R41, with that, unlike the R41, I have neither managed to produce a shaving burn nor to get an irritated skin after shaving.

Although I don't really like a open combs, because I always feel the teeth on the skin, this one is quite good.

Wuttig-3.jpg Wuttig-4.jpg