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Yah Its My Birthday!!


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And My Alicia treated me to 2 beautiful new gifts, A Palmera NOS 15/16 Razor and a wonderful Jagger Brush, Awesome

Happy Birthday my dear Ralfson.

Nice handle has that brush B).

Here's a nice birthday cake! To many more.
Thats wonderful many Thanks to everyone Esp my Dear Sherlock Torfs

Now then can we talk about the Palmera? I know its spanish and the factory closed about 20yrs ago?
but the edge on this thing is a delight!! I just stropped 60/60 and shaved and it is easily as smooth as any edge I have ever achieved, not what you expect from a factory, does anyone know anything about how they where finished, or anything else about them? I did hear they are almost a rebranded Filarmonica?

I want to wish you a great and joyous birthday from across the pond, have a great day and I hope there are many more.

Now lets get down and dirty. Less than a month ago you were having a sit down, and final talk, with your wonderful Alicia. Either you and the horse down the street have a lot in common or you have a line that the rest of us need to hear. If it is the former, well I'm in trouble, but if it is the latter, maybe you could share it with your friends.....:rolleyes:


Ray is a tough guy. :thumbup: I was wondering about it myself but didn't want to be too pushy...

Happy birthday my friend... hope you live to see many more good ones :thumbup:

I too have been wondering what happened last month... it appears things went well... was there some pre-birthday gift?:rolleyes:
Awe thanks again :love: its nice to know you all care, and yeah I hear Ray can come across a little hard ass, but its only because he cares. :thumbup:

Yeah we decided to stick it out, counselling once a week and substance free for err..... dunno about 20 days I reckon, thing is we love each other, and are committed to working at it, only when all other options have been exhausted would we go our separate ways.
Its fuckin hard work sometimes, its a long long time since I totally clean. and now I am I have caught a stinking cold! see I knew it wasnt good for me!!....hahahaha
You are a kind man with a big heart and a wonderful sense of humor. I am sure the path both you and Alicia have chosen will prove to be rewarding. You are certainly an asset to the brotherhood and one of the luckiest guys I know.

Now let's dig into that cake!!! bwaahahahaha

Cheers Ralph.
Hope you had a nice day.
You're a lucky man to get these from the misses :love: Glad to hear your trying to work things out between the two of you.:thumbup:
Sorry for the late message. We put the computer up on the landing to accommodate for a workspace for my wife, so I don't spent near as much time there now. I'm slacking a bit on this forum.
I hope to better myself.

Anyway, enjoy the razor and the cake.

Thanks again guys, your support means a lot (group hug)
I like the cake, but at 200lbs the cake makes my clothes shrink! hahaha
I've had two girlfriends during my heroin days one that used and one that didn't. It was hella easier to stay clean when I was with the one that used! So maybe your on the right path with alicia? Of course our situations might not be so similar, but its been my obeservation so far. I think you should give me that shitty razor and ass wiping brush so I can open letters and... well... wipe my ass with it. Right after I shave with that henckels I didn't sell you! Fwahahehehaha

I've removed your post.
If you can't keep a respectful tone towards the other members, you may pack your things and leave. This is a final warning. Posting on is not a human right.
It's a gentleman's prerogative.

I sincerely hope you can remember to take that at heart, because many other of your contributions have been agreeable and meaningful.

Best regard,
Sorry bart, being disrespectful wasn't my intention. I can't remember exactly what I posted, but I do remember it was late last night. It won't happen again.

Happy BDay Ralphy, I wish I got razors and cool stuff for my birthday/christmas. All I ever get is resteraunt gift cards!