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You know you have a honing bug problem when...............


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Your Mrs asks you to grate some cheese and you find yourself doing this....



Oh yeah and we got finer graters so I can get a progression going, now where did I put that Parmessan??

You're a genius!!

For over a year I'm searching for some way to mimic a few honing principles on a large scale, so people can actually see what's going on at the very edge.
A fine block of cheese and some graters in different "coarseness" seems to be just what we need. And we can eat the honing debris, while discussing the principles...:rolleyes:

This is just great!


Its all there Bart, you can even work the cheese "bevel" where it needs to make it level, just like on a Razors edge,we have 3 graters from the standard coarse one i used on this soft Red Leicester cheese through to medium and fine for hard Italion Cheeses, I am guessing you could find a something to replicate a final polishing as we do with a coti/water?

Glad you found this a help, and i hope you can indeed use this as a way to demonstrate this remarkable craft