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Reserved - Payment pending ZY 430+ 6/8“ (ideal for Beginners)

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Blade Whisperer
I had ordered two of this Razors from China in to compare the finish of different stones and to do some tests with them. Since I am through with it, I am happy to hand over this Razor - especially to beginners who are looking for a cheap introduction to straight razor shaving.

Of course, the razor don't come as blunt as from the factory in China, but straightened, sharpened and finished on Thuringian hone and leathered to the new owner, so that it can be shaved off immediately. The grinding is rather quarter to half hollow. The Razor shaves keen, comparable to the gold dollars, but a bit milder and "louder" due to the missing Heel.

Price Euro 20, - including shipment within Germany. Abroad pays the difference.