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  1. efsk


    Back in the old days, when I first moved away from cartridges, I was very much into straights. A, those were the days, talking about straights on the Dutch forum, have Joost advise me on what to buy first, and then show me how to hone, really nice. I digress, however. In those days, I found a...
  2. efsk


    After years of searching one of my holy grail razors finally arrived. Family resemblance with other offerings from producer Hermann Zaiss is unmistakable: same two-tone handle, same head, similar clasp-mechanism to connect both. Except of course, this is not slanted. And the base is blank...
  3. efsk


    (As I thought a thread on this razor already existed, I neglected to make pictures of this razor while it stayed at casa de efsk for the passaround. Someone else will have to correct this.) I doubted a bit whether to place this under DE or SE, but as the razor uses only one side of its head and...