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  1. efsk


    Maravilla was a Spanish razormaker that made dualsided DE: one side was regular, the other side curved, actually frowning. I suspect Ssseygus got their inspiration for the Zeppelin, which is a frowning DE, here. The razors shave rather good, even the curved side, and I've taken a liking to these...
  2. efsk

    KronVest SA (Gran Mogol, Jaguar, ...)

    KronVest SA from Catalonia in Spain made razors under the KronVest, Jaguar and Gran Mogol brands. Interesting how Jaguar also was a Solingenbrand, as well as a French (some say Grelot) brand. My razor has all three written on it. When I unpinned it to clean it, it became visible that errors...
  3. efsk

    Rodriguez Santamaria, Valencia (Gurosan, ?)

    One of my favorite straights is this rather unknown Gurosan. Produced by Rodriguez Santamaria from Valencia, it is a large #14 blade, not quite as hollow as a #14 Filarmonica, but it is just that that makes this razor so atractive to me. Funny in a way that the etching says "Fila Extra Fino"...