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Maravilla was a Spanish razormaker that made dualsided DE: one side was regular, the other side curved, actually frowning. I suspect Ssseygus got their inspiration for the Zeppelin, which is a frowning DE, here.
The razors shave rather good, even the curved side, and I've taken a liking to these nice little Curvada

DSC02706.JPG DSC02707.JPG DSC02708.JPG DSC02709.JPG DSC02710.JPG DSC02712.JPG DSC02713.JPG


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One that came to me NOS, and hasn't been used yet because of the rather extreme twosided curvation. This seems to me to be more of an armpitrazor, which does not sound quite as elegant as the handle is.
The paperwork recommends Ibria razorblades. Last pic next to a Bohin to show scale.
DSC04196.JPG DSC04197.JPG DSC04199.JPG DSC04200.JPG DSC04202.JPG DSC04203.JPG DSC04204.JPG DSC04205.JPG DSC04206.JPG DSC04207.JPG


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I have this Miravilla - A Basculante, (which loosely means Pivot) with its Art Deco box. This head is not curved but like the Micrometrica that @efsk posted above, but the top cap can only go on one way because the posts are different. The spacing of these posts allow it to take standard DE blades.

Adjustment is the same as a Pacific or a Peroni, loosen the top section of the handle and change the angle of the head.

Maravilla Basculante.jpg