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KronVest SA (Gran Mogol, Jaguar, ...)


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KronVest SA from Catalonia in Spain made razors under the KronVest, Jaguar and Gran Mogol brands. Interesting how Jaguar also was a Solingenbrand, as well as a French (some say Grelot) brand.
My razor has all three written on it.
When I unpinned it to clean it, it became visible that errors were made while producing this particular specimen.There's two pin holes in the tang, one on the correct hight, but to far to the back making for a non fitting razor. Also, at the rear of the stabilizor there's some irregularities.
A previous owner tried cleaning it with sanding paper or something, fortunately that person stopped in time.
Very happy that I managed to safe the scales.
This razor, like all my Spanish #14's, shaves like a dream.
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