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Matador was a Swedish razormaker, known for their DE's. After I found out they made their own version of the Apollo/Ben Hur Mikron, I was searching for one. Took a few years but end of November I found one, bought it, and waited. The damn thing entered Dutch customs December 3rd, and finally was delivered to me December 24th. When unpacking I found possible reason for this: in the package were three capsules with indeterminate contents, as well as two smaller capsules, one filled with black, the other with grey powder.
An injector was also included, but that was a Schick razor so probably harmless.

The razor came in its original outer box, teaching us it was called the Micro, but without the blades the box advertises (apart from a used one in the razor) and there is nothing to hold the razor in place in the box. No idea if there should be.
Apart from the razor, there is a brush for cleaning, and a key for making adjustments.
As you can see, very much a clone of the Apollo/Ben Hur Mikron. One side of the head has "Import" imprinted on it. That would suggest it was not produced in Sweden. Whether that means it was made by the Herckenrath Ben Hur Rasirmesserfabrik is unknown.
DSC03870.JPG DSC03871.JPG DSC03872.JPG DSC03873.JPG DSC03875.JPG
When putting it together, you set the dial to "1", place the topcap so that the red point is aligned with the red on the baseplate, and tighten. Fully closed the razor will be in position "1".
Should that not be the case, the knob can be removed completely, showing two notches in the handle where the key fits. You should be able to adjust alignment that way, haven't tried it yet.
DSC03876.JPG DSC03878.JPG


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Beautiful razor. This is in the best condition I have seen of an Apollo Mikron except for the ones that @Jake has, but he has a hidden time machine to go back and get them when new. I especially like the red paint trim! :daumenhoch

So have you determined what those mystery objects contained? Not to worry, I believe Anthrax is white and a powder.;)


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Wow, Richard, it does look fantastic, so happy for you that you got it. And the price weren’t too shabby either!

Looks indeed like a AM even down to the small cleaning brush. I am the content owner of the similar AM set:



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I'm sorry @efsk, but you gave me the opportunity to show off my Matador Diplomat, which I call my Kermit razor because this is how I received it:

matador before.JPG

Took a while, but it eventually ended up looking like this:

matador after.JPG
matador after1.JPG
matador after2.JPG

I don't know what it is about the Swedish design, but the Matador and the Swing are two of my smoothest shavers, and the Speed is quickly becoming my favorite diagonal slant.


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You have so much -- missing one little case... Big deal. And thanks for the team's upgrade of the S-U site. No more problems for me -- uploading images and sharing what I can. I'll try to participate more -- as the pandemic drives us into areas of substance. Thanks.


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Sorry for the low quality pictures. I have a problem with my camera so I used my low grade smartphone camera.

I found this matador. When I opened the box I thought it was a franken razor. This of the fit of the top cap with the base plate. But on
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I found the same one. Maybe it is older then your models. There is no inscription on the baseplate.

Picture of the Matador IMG_20201230_145906115.jpg IMG_20201230_145847688~2.jpg IMG_20201230_150029808~2.jpg IMG_20201230_145801973.jpg IMG_20201230_145721449~2.jpg
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A very early Matador is this model. At first, the interesting thing is the bottom of the baseplate, which is flat and has Matador on it in a different script than usual. Then, looking at it from the side, you see the angular construction of the head, and how massive the baseplate actually is. Then, the top of the baseplate comes into view, showing the weirdest latherslots I've ever seen.
I may have to use this razor soon.
DSC05378.JPG DSC05379.JPG DSC05380.JPG DSC05381.JPG DSC05382.JPG DSC05384.JPG DSC05385.JPG DSC05386.JPG DSC05387.JPG