15 march-22 march


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Plisson Fibre,
TDS Cosmetics Lavender,
Gillette New Made in England,
Rapira Platinum Lux 1st x,
Rebul Lavanda,
Seinz. After Shave Balsam,
L.T. Piver lotion Lavande.


Brush and soap:
Plisson Fibre and TDS Cosmetics Lavender:
Corona is the word that's been keeping us all busy lately. Actually, in the definition we should all know, it's a heartwarming effect of the gases around the sun and not a sickening virus. Maybe the warmth of this corona will cause the virus of the same name to diminish in effect. However, this morning I evoked the effect with the Plisson Fibre and TDS Cosmetics Lavender. No exuberantly scented lavender fields, but already the spring effect in the Provençe. It made me happy. Nice foam and the scent of the lavender was quite present. Of the TDS soaps, which I could try so far, it was the best in terms of smell.
Blade and razor:
The Rapira Platinum Lux for the 1st x used.
After some struggling with less blades again a Rapira Platinum Lux. Relaxation! In the Gillette New Made in England the Rapira Platinum Lux was in its element. Effective, comfortable, pleasant as a shave should be. That, with the beautiful foam, made that I couldn't get enough of it, so I shaved smoothly.
Result: BBS.
Finally: to imprint the lavender scent and warmth of the corona, finished with Rebul Lavanda, Seinz. After Shave Balsam and L.T. Piver lotion Lavande.


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M-keramiek scuttle
Proraso brush
Speick shaving stick
Puma 9 5/8
Vdh alum
Dickinsons witch hazel
Pitralon original, isana ultrasensitive balsem

The Puma is very good and the coolling pitralon as afterwards was very nice.

Have a good day gents!

The King

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Pre-Shave: Bleubeards Revenge
Shaving Soap / Cream: TOBS Lemon & Lime

Aftershave: Esprit de Valdemar Portugal

Shaving Brush: Edwin & Jagger XL Syntheet

DE-Razor: Wolfman Titanium TI 22 0,74 / Stork Titanium Aristrocat
DE-Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword 4x


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Brad Sears/Morris & Forndran 1XL in Finest Badger, Disco Haze
Hawaiian Shaving Company 'Alani Pomelo Kinika soap (Grapefruit Ginger)
Onbekend - Telescoop handle
Voskhod (1)
Tunney aluin


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Omega 80097,
Martin de Candre Vetiver,
Fatip Piccolo Special Edition (SB),
Rapira Platinum Lux 2nd x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Tütün,
Vivo Per Lei Hyacinth Hand & Body Lotion,
Loris E-164 Laura Biagiotti Roma.


Brush and soap:
Omega 80097 and Martin de Candre Vetiver:
Good lather this morning with the Omega 80097 and the Martin de Candre Vetiver. That substance makes an insanely beautiful lather, if you pay a little attention to it. The smell is less than that for me, but that's personal. Vetiver (earthy, grassy and light lemon) is apparently not my thing. Is not wrong, but certainly not something that makes me happy. Luckily this good soap is not overloaded with it and as such it's fine, but won't buy a box of it.
Blade and razor:
The Rapira Platinum Lux used for the 2nd time.
The Rapira Platinum Lux made me happy again this morning. Super sharp and fine cut makes that I have a perfect shave again. The Fatip Piccolo Special Edition (SB) and the Rapira Platinum Lux are a very forgiving combination. One of a kind you just can scrape away.
Result: BBS.
Finally: Nice smell and care of the Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Tütün, Vivo Per Lei Hyacinth Hand & Body Lotion and Loris E-164 Laura Biagiotti Roma made it into a beautiful whole again.


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Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89 (UK)
Blade: Derby Premium (Turkey)
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: Monsavon (France)
Brush: AP Shave Co 24mm Tuxedo Blue Lagoon handle (Canada)
Aftershave: Di Barba Aluin (Italy)
Aftershave: Fresh era de cologne Hema (The Netherlands)
Aftershave: Adam’s After Shave Balm (Hungary)
EDT: None

Wilco Roos

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I have done 3 shaves now with this Globusman A47, i traded with @efsk for one of my two Wamie's.
And even after only 3 shaves i have a clear opinion about this one, :verwarnung1 Handle With Care!
If you do, it is one hell of a razor, one round BBS with touch ups two times out of 3!
It has an insane amount of bladefeel, but my first shave with it after my chirurgie (4 day stubble, my wife asked if i let a beard grow) was a one round DFS and a two round BBS, but do not extend pressure, just don't.
Funny thing, i have less burn (Alum) after this monster than i do with my loved Gamechanger .84p, go figure ;-)

Soap used all 3 shaves, Stirling Varen, ASB Stirling Varen, AS Green Vetiver daumenh!
Brush Yaqi Evil Zebra.


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Good morning Gentlemen. Homeoffice is not so bad. One can use the time otherwise standing in the traffic jam better in stoping slowly your razor an have a meditative shave:D
  • Calani Dubai
  • Maseto Memphis 24mm Finest HD
  • SWK Basic Scuttle
  • Emil Hermes Mercurio 7/8, stropped on
  • Leder Tradition Double stop Latigo+Nubuk
  • Mennen Skin Bracer (US)


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@Snuff I ordered from rasoiogoodfellas last monday. It is projected to be delivered tomorrow. I also received a notification that my order of giftsandcare is on transport.

Strange times.

Wilco Roos

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And since i am recovering from chirurgie, and wobble on my legs after five paces, that will take quite a few days.
speedy recovery, you might have been lucky as it's difficult to even get a operation at the moment. Lots of time to browse the web for shaving stuff, although not sure they will be able to send out.
Lucky, hmm, if i had realized how much more vulnerable i would become after this thing, i would have rescheduled. But it was 10 months ago i went in for this, all that time spend to get in good enough condition to pull the risk down to around 10%
It is done, and minus a heavy bleeding wound after the operation, my wife got a death scare when she noticed while waiting for me to finally wake a bit more up, than the 'hey darling, i am fi....' rinse and repeat she had seen for some hours, that one side of my bed was red with blood from my shoulder to my toes (never noticed anything, even the cleaning they did after the troops arrived) I was out until the early afternoon the next day.
I am still as weak as a new born kitten, happy if i can get to the bathroom without crashing trough a door or some such fun.
I now just need time, and physiotherapy to get stronger again, yeah, lousy timing on that one..

@Wilco Roos take care and have a good recovery.
Thank you! I will, the only good thing out of all this is that my wife is now working from home, and can support me, neither of us had any clue how deep this one would hit..