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929 Shaving


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The things we do for science ... Here I am, working on getting all available and nonavailable slantmodels. just so you all have a nice overview of what there is in the world, and then you get this. One of several brands that used a bad Pakistani copy of a Merkur head. Terribly finished, it is basically unbelievable that people, more than just this unknown eBayseller, put their names on these.
Here's the one by 929 Shaving:
DSC00973.JPG DSC00974.JPG DSC00976.JPG DSC00978.JPG DSC00979.JPG DSC00980.JPG DSC00981.JPG DSC00982.JPG DSC00983.JPG


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I remember this one. One of the worst Merkur 37 clones I come across. I had the black version and the coating was so thick that the top cap could not seat properly on the base plate. :verwarnung1