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  1. efsk


    (As I thought a thread on this razor already existed, I neglected to make pictures of this razor while it stayed at casa de efsk for the passaround. Someone else will have to correct this.) I doubted a bit whether to place this under DE or SE, but as the razor uses only one side of its head and...
  2. efsk

    Fatip - Lo Storto

    A razor that has been waited for with a lot of anticipation all over the forums is the Fatip slant, Lo Storto as they brand it themselves. Early February for those of us in Europe it became pre-orderable, and shipping commenced 20-02-2020. The mail was sent 12:47, so there's a missed opportunity...
  3. efsk

    929 Shaving

    The things we do for science ... Here I am, working on getting all available and nonavailable slantmodels. just so you all have a nice overview of what there is in the world, and then you get this. One of several brands that used a bad Pakistani copy of a Merkur head. Terribly finished, it is...
  4. efsk


    An interesting razormaker these days is iKon. Not sure if it's true for all their razors, but with slants, they take a known and proven vintage model, and then create their own variant thereof. Most of those are rather good razors of themselves. The first here is the 102, a slant based on the...
  5. efsk


    The German razorbrand Pils produces rather minimalistic looking stainless steel DE razors, as well as stands and brushes. Some say the metal ones (some models have black plexiglass on the handles, those I like less, optically, than the all-metal ones) have a brutalilist look and feel to them...