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Abraham Knyn Stahlwarenfabrik

I have some Abr. Knyn in my collection, this is a #4 I found a couple of years back.
Found it in a bad state, had to do cut a piece off

Knyn.. I have a few. one of the best brands of that time period .. unfortunately no photos, since most shaving gear are still in the moving boxes.
Wonderfull; does the ¼ stands for quarter hollow? And the 41? (For @efsk a pitty it's not 42)

Sorry, I have no idea what 41 1/4 stands for. These razors were made from 1860 - 1900, 1/4 could mean 1/4 hollow though.
I also have 2 of those powerhouses razors. people sometimes ask what kind of razor should I choose for a heavy beard. these are really all you need. saying this with almost any razor you get a heavy beard away, if sharp