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Acquisition Thread


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A suggestion,
I like to show my (flea market) finds, and I believe that many members do like to show their acquisitions....
One of my gripes with for example B&B is that threads for DE and SE are misused by all those "I found this"... or "What is i".. To keep the DE and SE threads "clean", for more useful information, I suggest a main thread for "Acquisition, show or ask what it is" directly under Hardware (the "unknown"thread under DE and SE I'd delete)
Sorry Richard, but won't work. I've been over this forum and didn't even recognise this as a acquisition thread. (I acquire through flea markets, so don't sing and don't get it delivered). WTF it's a members only thread, this should be higher in the tree. This won't prevent anybody or his aunt to troll the SE and DE threads.