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Apollo / Ben Hur


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The Apollo and Ben Hur brand razors were produced starting prewar ending postwar times (precise year unknown) by the Solingen manufacturer Herckenrath in their Ben Hur Rasiermesserfabrik (Ben Hur Razor factory). Some models were produced under both names.
The Ben Hur brand is more difficult to find than Apollo, and when, more often in France where the Apollobrand was already taken. However, the fact that the Germanfactory was named after the Ben Hur brand show Ben Hur was not solely for the French market.
This is exemplified by the first razor I show here, a Ben Hur slant with brown bakelite sleeve on the handle. Comes in brown bakelite box, with cleaning cloth with German language text.
The razor is longscrew three part, zamac head.
Last picture shows this DE next to its identical leatherclad brother. That razor has a lot of plateloss/zincrot, whereas the bakeliteboxed one in all pics does not.
Never get tired reading about all your wonderful razors goodjob!
One day there might be a book "Encyclopedia of Slants" by your hand:cool:
Agree with Snuff, you should so write a book about these razors. Not only your incredible collection of this niche market and incredible knowledge but I also very much enjoy your writing style. I suspect it'll never be a big money spinner. The market for books about razors in itself is probably not very big, let alone the one for slants. Anyway, your wealth of knowledge would be worth keeping for future generations. I don't own any slants, my OCD doesn't cope with owning asymmetrical razors, I very much enjoy your stories. Looking forward to many more.
Until the moment of publication we will be fascinated by your always instructive slant topics. And as I have said many times before you are the "Professor" in slants.:)
My humble contribution to this thread - while @efsk shows the excellent vintage Apollo/Ben Hur, I will add the more common ones. This is the normal three piece slant. This particular one is a Ben Hur only because it says so on the box. ;) Great shaver, however because of massive plating loss, I cannot shave with this as often as I want.

This is the more common Apollo/Ben Hur that folks think about when they hear the name. This is their non slant razor and has that distinctive "propeller" base plate. I also managed to get a bakelite base plate, which I use for making Frankenrazors. The handle on the right is the one that is very common (my Ben Hur slant has the same handle). The one on the left is what I call my Audi handle.

The upward facing rake and the large lather holes make this an excellent shaver.

The Apollo slant razor, which I once got from efsk by the way, is still one of my favorite slants.

And although the space between the top and bottom plate is dizzyingly large, the shave is very comfortable and smooth.
My favourite Apollo is this one:


It has a plastic/Bakelite bottomplate, but with an extra metal part. The bottomplate also has one side with teeth, the other flat. The underside of the (sorry, but foto failed) is marked I and II for the different sides, and "Apollo, Solingen Germany, but no patent org DGRM. Because of the color and the tweezers I think this was originally targeted at women.


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Not certain the tweezers belong to the set. I'd rather say what is missing is a small container for a styptic pen.
That said: that is a very very nice Apollo, a model I've ogled with greedy eyes before, but I managed to control myself. Happy to see it does show up now :)
Thank you for pointing out the twosidedness of the razor. I've seen that by Apollo's bakelite slants, but never knew there were regulars as well.

Your travelrazor is very nice as well. Do, as with a lot of Solingen travelrazors (others too, come to think of it), the two parts of the handle fit in each other when travelling?
This one I found last week, Also very nice, but
unfortunately without a case. Still a very nice razor


The comb is quite different from the other Apollo's I have.


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