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  1. efsk


    Back in the old days, when I first moved away from cartridges, I was very much into straights. A, those were the days, talking about straights on the Dutch forum, have Joost advise me on what to buy first, and then show me how to hone, really nice. I digress, however. In those days, I found a...
  2. efsk


    For a long time I've had a razor that I didn't know what brand/modell it was. Both were printed on the head, but which was what? Then I found a razorlot on ebay that made things clear. The thing that struck me immediately is the condition of the shipper: almost as new. Advertising the good...
  3. efsk


    After a long search I found my CEP. Brown/black flecked bakelite razor, with a Zaiss-head that is found on the NEo-Ras/Gam/Lux series of razors. Has the same claspingsystem too. Two differences however: the baseplate is marked "Made in France", and the metal clasp that holds the head in place is...
  4. efsk


    A brand that was at least marketed in the Netherlands, if not produced here. I hope @FvL knows a bit more about this brand. Got this one from @merwtje , it is not yet cleaned, but pretty nice with its white bakelite/metal combo and differential head.
  5. efsk


    Some years back already, I was looking around on a fleamarket, and the only shavingrelated items I could find were two Wardonia razors, which I then purchased. Forgot all about them, then discovered, earlier this year, mr Nigel Sharpe's bok on Wardonia Shaving materials, and now I have some more...
  6. efsk

    Slant Stroke

    Funny name for a razor that is not a slant in any way, nor is humpbacked to force a slanted stroke. Still, it is a slant, so I had to have it :lol Original case, original blade packs. No research on company yet, but the patentnumber is US2098851
  7. efsk

    Ile de France

    A brand that pops up on our favorite international auctionsite regularly, yet is bought not that often as it needs proprietary blades. A pity, really, as these are basically B3-derivatives and as such shave pretty good! If only we could put our modern blade of choice in it ... I haven't been...
  8. efsk


    Trumpf is a well-known brand from the DDR, probably even from pre-DDR-tims. The CP in the middle of their logo should be the producer, but so far it is unknown who that producer was. It is possible that the less often seen Pneumand razors came from the same manufacturer. Trumpf is best known for...
  9. efsk

    Walbusch / Walter Busch & Sohn

    One of the more iconic razorbrands is Walbusch, or, depending on what razor, Walter Busch & Sohn. Based in Solingen, they still exist as a clothing mailorder company (although they have some flagshipstores), but at least during the 30s-50s they sold razors, cigarclippers and lighters as well...
  10. efsk

    Apollo / Ben Hur

    The Apollo and Ben Hur brand razors were produced starting prewar ending postwar times (precise year unknown) by the Solingen manufacturer Herckenrath in their Ben Hur Rasiermesserfabrik (Ben Hur Razor factory). Some models were produced under both names. The Ben Hur brand is more difficult to...