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April 25th - May 1th


Blade Whisperer
Have a nice Sunday gentlemen. Today’s morning shave was
  • Faena Myrtle
  • Faena Manshurian 25mm
  • SWK Basic Scuttle
  • Right: Böhlerstahl 5/8, stropped on
  • Strop-IT 77, Oil tanned calf
  • Left: Böhlerstahl 5/8: stropped on
  • Strop-IT 77, Nubuk
  • Floid Mentolado Vigoroso

Jan Zoethout

Well-Known Member
SOTD 20210425.

Proraso "Azur Lime" pre-shave cream.
Vie-Long foroafeitado SE 2019 synth.
Proraso "Azur Lime" shaving cream.
Vintage Gillette Old Type / Stork Ti "AN14" handle.
Wilkinson Sword (4).
Proraso "Azur Lime" ASB.


Absurd hero
SU-Patron Gold
Morris & Forndran Style 3, Size 2 in Finest, Ivory Grain
Castle & Forbes - Sandalwood & Cedarwood
Matador - DeLuxe M103
Voskhod (3, I think)

Before trying out my OC Matador, I figured I first get reacquainted with the SB version.