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August 4th - August 10th 2019

The King

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1A4DEA6C-8AA2-41A7-9C63-8220B2AE484C.jpeg The first real shave of the day on this new forum had to be done with a festive soap.:carrot1

So the Glacial version of the MITA was the first to launch this scoop and a lot of menthol with a very nice scent made this shave one of a kind unforgettable. daumenh!

The iKon 102 is for me with a Feather blade the ultimate combination no other blade shaves within the iKon so nice and smooth.

Just a question to Snuffie you had no party soap ready for the official opening of this forum?:D


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Thanks, such a shame that it probably won't see the production stage, it's fantastic! Even more efficient then the Paradigm 17-4 and still very smooth. Eufros is for me a very good performing soap, you need to load heavier then a middle of the road soap but the lather is really great, good glide and face feels really good afterwards. My favorites are Tobacco and Rose.


Today's Shave:
Stirling Blu Shaving Soap
Brush: AP Shave Co Synbad 30mm
Razor: Haircut & Shave Co. N075
Blade: Polsiver Super Iridium (1)
Aftershave: Humprey's Witch Hazel Citrus
Stirling Blu Aftershave Balm
Cologne: Polo Ralph Lauren Blue

The Stirling Blu Shaving Soap is a cologne-type scent based on the Polo Ralph Lauren Blue. A fresh scent that a like a lot.
After a week of shaving with a Timeless 0,95 Smooth, the Haircut & Shave Co. razor is noticable more comfortable, but also less efficient. Have a nice day gents!


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A little bit late but anyway:

Today the first straight razor only shave

  • Brabus shaving cream (CZ/SK)
  • Mühle STF
  • Garantie Solingen Best Silversteel 9/16
  • Dovo leather strope
  • Proraso Green AS
Compared to last week it was amazing how much difference the stroping made. It was not perfect BBS but acceptable...