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Back in the saddle...


Active Member
After a coticule hiatus, I finally own one again. This was just listed as "Vintage Sharpening stone hinged walnut" w/ a bin of $27 + $6 shipping so I took a chance.

Definately the smallest hone i have used. 6" x 1.25". I have not tried doing dilucot yet, but doing 50 strokes with a razor it seemed to produce a bit of slurry automatically.

It was glued into the box at one point. I think the bottom is just slate. When i take my dmt to it, it produces a brownish-yellow slurry. There is no writing on the case any where, so I am not sure what the origin of this chunk of rock is.

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Well-Known Member
That's a pretty good deal you got! It looks rather nice. I look forward to more pictures when you get a chance.

By the way, your old Pike coticule is in good hands. Hands that you'll have to pry open when I die.