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Barbers Rattler


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Here is a razor I just put the final coat of wax on, honed and packaged up for shipping.






This particular razor is going to someone in Denmark. I sure hope they like it!



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That razor looks familiar.

Stunning work, Ray. As always. :thumbup:



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Ohhh sweet Jesus and Mary...Good God...ohhh Lord.. Darn...Is that mine?
Thats my razor? Really ?
Thank you Sir Ray!
That is a piece of art Ray...stunnigly beautiful and stylish. And as always...amazing craftmanship.
And "someone" doesnt just like it.."someone" loves it!
Thanks again my friend...
Kind regards


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hmmm Ralfy...after seeing this beauty I feel like packing my humble tools away.. If you or I ever makes something as fine as this razor I`ll by you a pint! or two..
regards from a guy camping at the mailbox:rolleyes:


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Torben and Ralfy (Dr)

Neither of you should consider any of the work you have both posted as being totally substandard. Heck, the meer fact that some of the materials used to produce the finished scales you have aren't even accessable and is tribute enough to the innovation and determination both of you have to continue producting the great looking scales both of you have presented here.

Just for the record, these are the second set of scales I had to make for this razor. The first set produced a nice crack in the final sanding stage and I had to start over. This seems to be one draw back to Amboyna. So if you decide to use this wood, make sure you have enough to make more than one set of scales.

The finish on this razor is 10 coats of Varnish, sanded to 2000 grit every 2 coats. Finally hand rubbed with Light rubbing compound, two coats of furniture past wax and a final buffing. The inside backing is brick colored with an Ebony wedge.




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Thank you for the kind words Ray. We`re sure trying to do our very best!
And it`s someway comforting to know that even you - now and then - suffer from the "cracked scales syndrome" ;)

Still hav`nt tried the woods you sent (payment recieved?) but are waiting for the right moment. Would hate to spoil it so a bit of planning is needed.

Thanks so much Ray!


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Thank you Ray, I [big]was[/big] very happy with my scales and restorations so far :blink: :huh: :blink:

Torben, listen to my voice..........

My mind to your mind, Mmmkay, my mind to your mind
When you awake you will find you have happily emailed Ray, Mmmkay
A request to mail this Razor to that Kind Dr Ralfson, Mmmkay
You will feel no remorse or sadness, Mmmkay
Just an overwhelming glow of deep joy, Mmmkay
Now when I click my fingers you will awaken, brew a fresh coffee and feel at one with your world....Mmmkay


Bwhahahaha (thunder sounds) Bwhahaha (Lightning Flashes) Bwhahahahaha (Fades to black)


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rayman said:
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Finishing wood takes a special kind of Patience. You're one of the best I've ever seen, Ray. And I've been around, trust me.

The level of detailed perfection in your scales makes me humbled and proud that you are posting on this website.



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Oooo, oh, that's a lovely piece! Is this just the perspective, just me, or these scales are really of above-than-average thickness?




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matis said:
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Good eye! Yes, these are a little thicker than normal, about 1/32" on the wood and the same on the liner. I have had to add this to Amboyna because of its propensity to cracking and splitting. It adds a little bulk to the razor itself, but because of its light density there seems to be no added weight and the balance remains ok.



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This night I had the most terrible dream..I will try to describe it the best way I can.. :

Thunder and lightning all over..And this unholy voice
" Send it to me...send it..seeeend it to meeeeee bwahahahahhaaaaa "

"Dr. Ralfson I presume?"

"Bwhaaa..amboyana... seeeeeend it..."

"Ralfy ? Is that you? What the f... are you doing inside my head? "

"Torbs `ol chum...listen to my voice...senditsenditsenditsendit!"

"Stop it buddy..! And why are you wearing that stupid looking outfit...It might look good on Harry Potter, but on you? "

"Darn `ol you hurt my feelings...I`m kinda crying inside now"

"Easy now Ralfy...everything will be allright.A wise man once told me this : Have patience and the universe will provide all we need. "

"Thank Torbs...guess you wont send it then? No? Will ya..?"

"Listen Doc..Once the Barbers Rattler and I have had some quit moments together, she might want to take a trip to the UK"

"So I get to touch it?"

"erhhhh easy now Ralfy.."

"Well at least I get to see how a true master crafted these wonderfuly detailed scales..right?"

"Spot on `ol chum...just have a bit of patience"

"ohhhhh I`ll try then..Guess I`ll go and tattoo some bums then.."

"You do that my friend..and stay away from my mind from now on!"

"I will Torbs, I promise.......Ray.....send it to me ...send it to meeeeeeeeee bwahahahahahaha"

Regards gents


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Seems like another one of us took it so far that our tattoo artist must be sent out to put the secret SHITCA mark on his buttocks.
Torben, Ralfy is on the way! Don't forget to cleanly shave the area :lol: :lol:



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Hahahaha wonderful wonderful hahaha
and what is wrong with my outfit?
does it make my bum look big?