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Bout ID help please?

I've been using my new Bout for about a month now, and have begun to really get better at honing my blades. I've been hanging around this site for a couple of months and am now curious about my hone. I've attached a few pictures of the bout and the slurry stone, and am wondering how they can be described.

Here's the Bout:




And the Slurry stone




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The hone is almost certainly a "La Grise", the slurry stone is most likely a "La Dressante".

Welcome to!



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Welcome to Mark
Best wishes from a fellow English Man
I am please to make your acquaintance
Ralfson (Dr)
Thank you everyone. It's nice to be welcomed and to be in the presence of smoothly-shaved geologists. Hollywood tends to portray geologists (amateur or otherwise) as a shaggy bunch, but we know the truth.

Using a Coticule appeals to my sense of history and nature, and the ironically anti-technology stance that my hobbies seem to take. The idea of using a manmade stone to maintain a 100-year old razor simply seems wrong to me.

Now that I know the layers that my Bout and Slurry Stone are from, I can search aimlessly around for information and occupy hours of time that others may describe as poorly spent. But once again, we know the truth.



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Hello Mark.

I've never thought of myself as a 'smoothly-shaved geologist'. LOL :lol: :lol:

Yeah, aimless search for information is something that many are good at here. :) And we like it! :thumbup: