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Coticule ID


Hey guys,

just received a coticule I ordered, I'm not that good with matching up coticules with the ones in the vault.
So I'll put in this request to ID this coticule
One annoyance is that it has a crack which is visible on the side which runs through on the surface of the coticule, where I can feel with my fingertip that it is cracked, I can feel my finger 'catching' on it. I did shoot a message back to the store where I got it from and am awaiting reply.

thx in advance and kindest regards,




I tried to take a pic of the crack, from certain angles I can see "into" the crack :-/


Well-Known Member should help you if they don't want to replace the stone. Greets Ron


Well-Known Member
I would be surprised if it were a la petite blanche. They are normally natural combinations, and have a characteristic blue line on the lateral side... I'm not sure what it is, but I'm pretty confident saying it's not a LPB.


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It's just a guess, but I say it might be a La Dressante. I'm sure Bart will be along shortly and he's the expert on these matters.


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Paul, I agree.
I only had a quick look on my pad and misperceived it as a natural combo, which of course it is not.
The combo combined with a reddish blush pointed me towards LPB.
Without the combo factor I would also consider La Dressante more likely.



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Considering the color, the thickness, and that it isn't a combination stone, I would guess La Dressante too.


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not got a clue on the layer, but I can tell you how to fix that crack if needs be :thumbup:

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


thx for the feedback guys
the repair won't be necessary, I got a phone call from the store and talked about it and they're sending over a new coticule and I'll be sending this one back to them :thumbup: