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CV Heljestrand


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Since I tried out an SE razor last night and since one of the other places is currently doing SEptember. I decided to pull out my CV Heljestrand razor for tonight's shave. This is an ancient one that uses a wedge blade (it can use a regular Gem blade, but that is no fun. ;)

My razor originally came with a case, the razor and a wedge blade from somewhere else. @efsk was nice enough to send over a NOS unused Heljestrand wedge blade, which I had to hone myself, but the amazing thing about Swedish steel is that it hones well and holds an edge. This one was a definite two pass plus touch up BBS shave and the lather catcher allowed me to go through one pass without rinsing the razor. rasierensmilie

cv2.JPG cv1.JPG


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Terrific razors, these Heljestrand SE's. You can find the exact same razors branded Kindall, which was a Parisian store that sold a lot of rebranded Heljestrand hardware.
Here is mine, one of the few SE's I intend to keep:
DSC02862.JPG DSC02863.JPG DSC02864.JPG DSC02865.JPG DSC02866.JPG DSC02867.JPG DSC02868.JPG DSC02869.JPG DSC02870.JPG DSC02871.JPG DSC02872.JPG DSC02873.JPG DSC02874.JPG DSC02875.JPG


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Found a pristine looking Kindal/Heljestrand weekset, with days in German.The set consists of a chrome razor with two-part handle, a stroppinghelp (that does not quite fit in the handle), seven blades, and a strop, as well as two orginal inserts.
The strop is rather interesting: it has a "clasp" to attach it to door or wall, a part where the blade is inserted in, and handles on bothe ends of the leather, so you can pull alternating left and right. You keep the blade in place, and move the leather! Kind of makes you wonder why the stroppinghelp is added, unless it's meant for honing.
Inserts state stropping must be done immediately AFTER the shave.
I expect this to shave as great as the one I've shown above.
DSC04970.JPG DSC04971.JPG DSC04972.JPG DSC04973.JPG DSC04974.JPG DSC04975.JPG DSC04976.JPG DSC04978.JPG DSC04979.JPG DSC04980.JPG DSC04982.JPG DSC04983.JPG