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Absurd hero
Besides Yaqi, Pearl, Rex there was another brand that made a modern take on Gibbs adjustables: Denali. An edition of 100 pieces, it was hard to get in Europe, until it was found in an Italian webshop. Bought it, and then it was out of stock, so I was just in time.
Very well finished and produced, whis razor looks and feels great. No fabrication marks whatsoever, until you disassemble the razor completely: the bottom of the adjusting bridge has not been polished, however this is something you won't see during use. Purely from look and feel I like it better than the Rex Ambassador, will have to find out how it shaves however.
DSC06854.JPG DSC06855.JPG DSC06856.JPG DSC06857.JPG DSC06858.JPG DSC06859.JPG DSC06861.JPG DSC06862.JPG DSC06863.JPG DSC06864.JPG DSC06866.JPG DSC06867.JPG DSC06868.JPG DSC06869.JPG DSC06870.JPG DSC06871.JPG DSC06872.JPG