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I would just like to this share with the group

I have been having such great results with the dilocut method, its getting to be easy enough that its now a real real pleasure, but its still involved enough to be a challenge every time and the shaves are just the best:thumbup:

I must admit to thinking to myself why bother when the unicot works so well? all I can say is that if you have reached the stage were you can get a good finish every time using the unicot method you have just got to try switching to the Dilocut, I am now working through my rotation and re-honing every one with the dilocut method I enjoy the honing and the shaves it gives so much :thumbup:

So top Banana boys, and thank you Sir Bart and everyone here who has helped to open up this superb method.


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which edge are you prefering ralfy dilucot or unicot or both.

I like both but i just prefer the idea of traditional single bevel why i just do.


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The Dilocut edges have the err edge (lol) for me, I dont know why and maybe its all in my head? I remember you saying that it was your fave and I didnt understand at the time, but I do know its just better somehow? could be that its more satisfying dunno really mate lol


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I only have 6 razors, but I have to try the dilocut method on at least one of them to compare. I will keep you posted when I do.




You're correct Ralfy regarding the Dilucot method it is great, :w00t:

I just finished using the Dilucot method on an eBay special, picture will follow. It is a 5/8 full hollow with great looking scales. It does take a lot of work and, in my opinion, you have to keep a slight pressure in the dilute step and a light pressure, I mean light, when you're finishing with just water. In addition, one needs to keep his focus in the last 100 laps, as I was loosing focus because of the repetition. But the final result was great, it popped hair with ease and the shave was smooth. It was a zen moment.

Love it