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Dilucot V Unicot Edge


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Firstly I would like to say a big big thank you to Gary & Ralfy for not only honing my razors so expertly but for all the support & advice they have freely given to me its greatly appreciated.

Dovo Envogue; Unicot Edge honed by Gary Haywood

I sent my razor to Gary who was originally was going to hone on a Norton 4k/8k for comparison purposes with a Coticule, but due to some initial problems with my razor having some chipping, which I hadn’t seen Gary decided to use the unicot method & employ a Coticlue stone. Although I was not familiar with this method I had heard of it in the past.
I received my Dovo back from Gary last week. The Razors edge looked amazing, clean even & incredibly sharp.
My first shave was no doubt one of the best shaves Thus far. On my first pass it was so smooth I thought it hadn’t shaved but boy it was so close.
I completed WTG, XTG & ATG & it left my face feeling as though a feather had been across it.
I had no irritation whatsoever. I am so impressed with this edge that I have sold my Norton & have ordered a Coticule from The Invisible Edge. I never got a satisfying edge on this razor prior to Gary honing it for me.

Dovo Bismark; Dilucot Edge Honed by Ralfy

Ralfy kindly offered to hone my Dovo Bismark so I could compare the Norton & Coticule, but as Gary had to use a coticule it was decided that we could compare Unicot & Dilucot methods instead.
My Bismark duly arrived back to me on Friday clean oiled & freshly stropped as well , what a gentleman you are Ralfy. Again I was really impressed with the edge & couldn’t wait to try it. I had my first shave with it on Saturday & as expected it gave a very smooth shave similar to the Unicot. The only noticeable difference was ATG stroke I felt the Unicot edge was smoother. The Dilucot edge still gave a very smooth glide across the skin & again no irritation at all & left my skin feeling like the rear end of a Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintle.

One other thing I feel worth mentioning is that my wife noticed how close my shaves were on both occasions which says a lot about the improvement on there performances.

So now I have 2 excellent razors that I can use as a benchmark & shall be practising both methods over the coming weeks. I have also ordered a coti from Invisible edge. So thanks to these 2 kind gentleman I now know exactly where I need to be.
I will post some photos of the Coti when I get it.

I know I keep saying it but Thanks again Ralfy & Gary for your support & continued advice.



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I'm glad it worked out for you. the reason i went to the coticule was, for some reason the middle of the edge just would not develope a nice straight cutting edge. I noticed the edge was chipping . I never had this problem before. even on the coticule i notice in the slurry like grains of sand. This was metal grains. thats when i realized this was defanatley metal. thats when i tryed setting the bevel on one layer of tape. the edge took shape , thank goodness, as i was paniking some what. i did a semi dilucot added another layer of tape. finishing with unicoting. I have to say the edge was one of my best and i was impressed how smooth the razor shaved. the razor was stainless steel and it shaved every bit as good as any carbon steel razors i have shaved with.

i can tell you now marty you will love your coticule. It will take some experimenting. a bit of practice etc. Looking forward to your post on how you get on with the coticule . you have both methods you can use unicot will be the easiest by far.

good luck gary


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I used my larger leslalt to create the bevel on one layer of tape. that is rapid fast its nu 54 in the vault i think. My blotchy LPB is a small bout nu 6. Its about 6x 35 to 30 to 25 towards the end. I used that for the unicot part. So i finished on the lpb (blotchy).



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Thank you for the kind words Marty, you are very welcome indeed. :)

I too am sure you will love your Coticule, and of course if I can be of any further help, do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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Great story!
Thanks for sharing it, and congratulations to Gary and Ralfy, our Fabulous UK Coticule Masters! :)

Kind regards,